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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interview & Giveaway on Citrus Hearts Blog!

New Giveaway & Interview on the beautiful Citrus Hearts blog! Most of us know Bree (CitrusHearts) from Flickr... her photos are so gorgeous and inspiring... well now she has a new blog that I am in love with (so much inspiration). She features photographers she loves, daily polaroids, beautiful finds, interviews, and... giveaways. Today, she has posted an interview with me and a giveaway for the actions or textures. If you already have the actions/textures, you can win some for a friend- or you can have the new textures when they come out. Either way, though please visit her beautiful blog and leave a comment there to enter. Also, try not to laugh at my scary/funny photoshoot experience. Like my husband says... I'm "Lucille Ball" with a camera...lol! (Karl Jochen and Carrie Richardson are the winners of the Fanpage contest!)


  1. i'm curious if your actions would work in pse5? what part would keep it from doing so? i want them, but i haven't upgraded yet.

  2. I think there will be a couple of snags using PSE5... (sorry!) :)

  3. I read the interview and love that you do giveaways! You're so kind! At the time I didn't have this blogger account, but I still commented. Any word on who won? c:


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