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Monday, July 13, 2009

"Her Face..." by Shana Rae

Her face...

My baby girl (10 months old). Florabella Textures: "Tea Stained" 27% (overlay), "Milk & Honey" 30% (normal), and "Nostalgia- warm" 30% (gaussian blur)...


  1. Hi! this is so gorgeous..I love your style...I just ordered an 85mm lens...f/1.8 or something I forget already...but supposed to be good for portraits..maybe will get some good ones of Calista with that lens..if she ever stays still. Today I updated my blog with a new banner.. which I love...! I am still going in circles about the web site and if I should get a better quality template for my blog or not....or just use the blog for everything ... i dunno..so much to put together..and still need to make more birdie overlays! Hope you are getting some rest this weekend...♥♥

  2. This is beautiful! What a lovely picture and beautiful daughter!

  3. When you say Nostalgia was 30% gaussian blur, do you mean it was overlayed, normal, or screen etc? Never thought to use a blur on a texture layer.


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